NINJA Health Insurance Policies

By Brad Davis, CEBS®, SAHU Professional Designations Chair

Imagine a Government Sponsored Exchange (GSE) where you can purchase a product worth 10-100 times your own net worth and is virtually guaranteed to increase in value by at least 12% every year.  You can buy it regardless of your ability to pay for it or meet certain underwriting standards.

Let’s take it another step—Imagine that you could get a job selling this product with minimal training, education, and accountability and make 3-7% commission for life!

I know what you’re thinking: “Didn’t we already go through this in the late 1990s and 2000s with the whole Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac housing ‘boom and bust’ thing?”  Yes, we did.

The market was flooded with “mortgage brokers” that could write No Income No Job or Asset Loans (NINJA).  And they only made about 1-3%, one-time, and home loans weren’t exactly guaranteed issue (though they were pretty close).

So if 2014 is bringing us a health insurance GSE, how long before we see history repeating itself?  How long will the market support our 3-7% commissions?  How long before the market is flooded with “agents” because they took a class on the internet?  How long before we take a good look at ourselves and wonder what makes us different from our competition?

Answer:  You don’t want to know.

Most of us have already modified our business models to include a more robust approach to ancillary products, worksite voluntary benefits, getting our P&C licenses, or venturing into the sexy world of financial planning.  Is it enough?

To be successful in any business we must differentiate ourselves and provide unique value to our clients.  One noble way for us to do this in our industry is to get a professional designation.  Sound too simplistic?  Consider that most successful fee-based consultants have letters after their names.  (Wait, did he just say fee-based?)

NAHU supports a variety of professional designations to continue your journey toward Super Agent status:  RHU, REBC, CEBS, CLTCM LTCP, & CLTC—to name a few.  And there are a host of others out there.

Don’t let your neighbor’s nephew the Navigator take clients from you.  Start making a better YOU today.

Visit NAHU’s designation page for more information.