What SAHU Members Say

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I joined in 1986 and enjoy the comradery, results CAHU & NAHU achieve with lobbying efforts, keeping me up to date with health care bills and of course the great social events

Mary G.
Review Buttons for ratingWhen I joined this association, it was just an excuse to get out of the office for the monthly lunch. 15 years later, it’s an invaluable resource in my toolbox as a leader and a professional

Cerrina J.
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I get my best benefit legislation information from CAHU and NAHU, and I enjoy interacting with my competition to share ideas

Heidi D.
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If I come across a broker that is not a member of SAHU, I ask why not? As a member we support legislation that helps our clients, and us too

Sam R.
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Even when I went to Covered CA, I felt SAHU would still be extremely helpful disseminating a lot of information on Covered CA and also the broker perspective when working with Covered CA

Linda B.
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I belong to SAHU because it not only provides support to the broker community on the outside, but we are supportive of each other and can mentor each other

Gayle D.
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This is my family.

Eileen R.
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I enjoy the weekly SAHU newsletter with events and tools, coming to meetings to learn about the industry and the perspectives of both carriers and agents

Valerie L.
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My yearly dues to Health Underwriters paid off in one week! My client had lots of questions about IRS notice 2015-17- even his ERISA attorney was confusing him. NAHU’s legislative specialist in this subject got me an answer in a day – while he was on vacation!

Joe H.