Renee Balcom

Renee Balcom

Founder CEO


Renee spent more than a decade consulting and providing services to families looking for care solutions for their loved ones.

She helps people navigate the healthcare system, make informed care decisions, and cope with the challenges of caregiving.

Renee realized that overwhelmed family caregivers need a mechanism to quickly find appropriate and professional solutions. From this realization the Silver Lining Network & Directory was born.

A peek into Renee’s accomplishments:
  • Authored a chapter, “Raging Aging – WETOOMOVEMENT” in the internationally best-selling book, “Voices of the 21st Century, Women Who Influence, Inspire, and Make a Difference”
  • Featured in “Marketer of the Day”, a collection of podcasts. Renee’s chapter: “Live Long and Stay Productive at Any Age”
  • Certified Traditional Health Worker, Senior Advisor, Veterans’ Benefits Advisor, and Community Health Worker
  • Founding member of the Curry Community Health Board of Directors
  • Governor-appointed member of the Oregon Health Authority Office of Equity and Inclusion
  • Spoke about “Raging Aging and the Kama Sutra” at the 39th Annual Mental Health and Aging Conference in Northern California