Lisa Hutcherson

Lisa Hutcherson

National Account Director for SUMMUS Global

Lisa Hutcherson is a National Account Director for SUMMUS Global.  She collaborates with the Broker Community on adding value and providing innovative solutions within their clients existing eco system of Employee Benefits regarding Virtual Specialty Care.

Prior to her current role at SUMMUS, she has spent the last 28 years growing and developing winning teams across the US in financial services, voluntary benefits, retail, and other dynamic sales organizations.  Lisa has served on many executive committees including health underwriting, business, community development and ministry.  

Blazing a trail to change mindsets, stereo types, and limited thinking regarding women in leadership, business and Evangelical circles she has led with intentionality to create bridges of reconciliation concerning race and culture.  People know her as the “Velvet Brick”, due to her soft yet effective way of making a difference and impacting lives. Lisa is a John Maxwell certified speaker, coach and trainer. She lives her life on purpose and intentionally seeks out opportunities to serve and add value to others.

Lisa enjoys hot yoga, meditation, traveling and visiting her favorite client the S.P.A agency (spa).  In addition, she loves leading worship, reading, writing short stories and poetry. Today she is an author that has contributed to California Broker Magazine and Benefit Pro Magazine.  Today she is in the end zone of writing her first book and training manual on how she has climbed, broken through, and thrived amongst the walls that have been presented in her life both personally and in business. Most of all, how you too can overcome the walls in your life.