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Protecting the Consumer's Future


Our Mission

SAHU will improve its member’s ability to meet the health, financial and retirement security needs of all Californians through education, advocacy, legislation and professional development.


OUR Vision

Every American will have access to personalized solutions for health, financial and retirement security using the services of local insurance professionals.


Presidents Message

Alexis DeVorss



Alexis Devorss
SAHU President 

I am pleased to be the President of Sacramento Association of Health Underwriters (SAHU) 2018-19.  I have some great predecessors that came before me in this position and have some big shoes to fill!  I was lucky enough to work alongside some of these great people on the Board for the past 5 years. 

SAHU has been committed to preserving the private delivery of Health Insurance and working towards affordable health care options for all.  We are committed to providing our members with the highest level of professional development, legislative advocacy and training, and networking opportunities while upholding the highest code of ethics in our field. 

This year is no different than last, where we are faced uncertainty with federal legislation and changes to the existing Affordable Care Act and the continuing threat of Single Payer in California. Your membership and involvement is more important now than ever before.  Members have access to resources and expertise through the Association to educate themselves and help them expertly communicate on these complex and critical issues with their clients, colleagues, and elected officials. 

My focus this year for our Association is going to be Membership and communication delivery, if you are already a member, helping deliver the resources you have come to seek from our Association year after year and if you are not already a member, show you how becoming a member will complement your career through networking with carrier and industry leaders, legislative advocacy, and education.

I am greatly honored to be selected to serve as the 2018-19 President of Sacramento Association of Health Underwriters (SAHU).  I look forward to a productive, successful year working with you all.

Best wishes,

Alexis Devorss


Click here for the SAHU Budget Report July 2018 – June 2019


Our Strategic Objectives:

  1. SAHU will exceed its members’ expectations.
  2. A significant number of local health insurance agents will be SAHU members.
  3. SAHU members will be known as leaders in industry and public policy forums.


NAHU Code of Ethics

  • To hold the selling, service and administration of health insurance and related products and services as a professional and public trust and do all in my power to maintain its prestige.
  • To keep paramount the needs of those whom I serve.
  • To respect my clients’ trust in me, and to never do anything which would betray their trust or confidence.
  • To give all service possible when service is needed.
  • To present policies factually and accurately, providing all information necessary for the issuance of sound insurance coverage to the public I serve.
  • To use no advertising which I know may be false or misleading.
  • To consider the sale, service and administration of health insurance and related products and services as a career, to know and abide by the laws of any jurisdiction Federal and State in which I practice and seek constantly to increase my knowledge and improve my ability to meet the needs of my clients.
  • To be fair and just to my insurance agents’ competitors, and to engage in no practices which may reflect unfavorably on myself or my industry.
  • To treat prospects, clients and companies fairly by submitting applications which reveal all available information pertinent to underwriting a policy.
  • To extend honest and professional conduct to my clients, associates, fellow insurance agents and brokers, and the company or companies whose products I represent.