SAHU Business Expo 2021

Working with a General Agency

— Teri Blake, Word & Brown
— Patricia Rodriguez, Word & Brown
— Matthew Leslie, Word & Brown

Legislative Update

— Rosamaria Marrujo, Trusted American
(On behalf of Connie Correa, SAHU Legislative Chair)

Aetna Medicare Update

— Kevin Buddington, Aetna

Fast Flash Compliance Guidelines

— Rene Gonzalez, Word & Brown

Why Ameritas?

— Mariette Lasley, Ameritas

Communicating Remotely with Your Benefits Team​

— Ned Schaut, Eureka Insurance Solutions

Why the Burden of Caregiving Matters to Employers

— Renee Balcom, Silver Lining Network

Guarding Employers and Employees Against the Unexpected

— Lisa Hutcherson, MASA

Keynote Panel, Benefits Technology

— Chris Marincik, Rippling
— David Reid, EASE
— Megan Rawling, ADP
— Brian Parker, Alera Group
— Alyssa Payne, Alera Group
— Chris Della Sala, TBX Employee Benefits