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Protecting the Consumer's Future


Involvement with your professional association is the best way to connect, grow and ultimately succeed in your profession.

Whether you’re an independent agent serving individuals and families in your home town, an insurance carrier representative looking for exposure with the best agents in the area, or a group benefits broker wanting an edge against the competition - SAHU membership will elevate your position as an industry expert within your field.

SAHU follows trends in Large and Small Group Managed Care Plans, Wellness programs, Individual Health Plans, Long Term Care Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Medicare Supplements so you will benefit from state level membership no matter your specialty.

SAHU Membership is essential for professionals who are:

  • New to the Industry – continuing education and leadership opportunities abound
  • Concerned about Policy – advocate alongside fellow SAHU members in Sacromento, CA
  • Lifelong Learners - multiple designation courses available

Demonstrate your commitment to professionalism to your clients by becoming a member today!


  1. Play an active role in the future of the health insurance industry
  2. Connect with top producing insurance professionals in California and beyond
  3. Attend discounted Professional Designation, Certificate and CE programs
  4. Showcase your specialty and products with us at state or local-level seminars
  5. Respond to state and federal legislative issues at the grassroots level
  6. List your contact card & photo on SAHU-online.org’s FIND AN AGENT database
  7. Receive referrals from NAHU members across the country from the national database
  8. Includes monthly subscription to HIU, the National association’s magazine


If you have any questions, please contact our Membership Representative     

Angela Jones
Western Health Advantage
2349 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95833
Phone: (916) 563-2247
Email: A.Jones@westernhealth.com 


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I joined in 1986 and enjoy the comradery, results CAHU & NAHU achieve with lobbying efforts, keeping me up to date with health care bills and of course the great social events

When I joined this association, it was just an excuse to get out of the office for the monthly lunch. 15 years later, it’s an invaluable resource in my toolbox as a leader and a professional

I get my best benefit legislation information from CAHU and NAHU, and I enjoy interacting with my competition to share ideas

If I come across a broker that is not a member of SAHU, I ask why not? As a member we support legislation that helps our clients, and us too

Even when I went to Covered CA, I felt SAHU would still be extremely helpful disseminating a lot of information on Covered CA and also the broker perspective when working with Covered CA

I belong to SAHU because it not only provides support to the broker community on the outside, but we are supportive of each other and can mentor each other

This is my family!

I enjoy the weekly SAHU newsletter with events and tools, coming to meetings to learn about the industry and the perspectives of both carriers and agents

My yearly dues to Health Underwriters paid off in one week! My client had lots of questions about IRS notice 2015-17- even his ERISA attorney was confusing him. NAHU’s legislative specialist in this subject got me an answer in a day – while he was on vacation!