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The Future with an Open Mind

Not really knowing what to expect, 20+ years ago, I entered the insurance industry, with an open mind of seeking opportunity and growth in my chosen career as a Professional Insurance Agent.

With that open mind, I have found many opportunities in the industry with carriers, brokers and GA’s, which have led me to be a very resourceful, active, and successful broker. Not only did those avenues bring me value, knowledge, expertise, and camaraderie in the industry, joining the AHU’s (local, State and National) has been instrumental as well.

I’ve been on the SAHU Board for 4 years now and have had the opportunity as Community Service, Secretary, Treasurer, President Elect and now President. Climbing this ladder has been great and very educational. Not only on topics such as Legislative, Compliance, etc., but also on Leadership.

Leadership! The action of leading a group of people or an organization. This is the definition, however, it’s more than that. Being a leader is an opportunity to work with others and mentor others in a leadership role. It takes a Team to get things done, and although, there needs to be a leader at the helm, the only way to get things done, is working as a TEAM! We all need to put our minds, resources, ideas etc., together for the better of the Association.

I’m extremely grateful, happy and excited to take on this new role and hope to bring a sense of cohesiveness between all and help each other to continue to have the success that SAHU has had in the preceding years. Let’s continue to advocate for our industry at all levels. Locally, Statewide and Nationally. We have a voice! Let’s use it!

As your President, my doors are wide open and ready to take any feedback and or suggestions you may have. Our new Executive Director, Helen Ornellas and any other members, are also eager to listen to your feedback and suggestions. We’re all here for the common goal of a successful Association by providing you current and relevant information on all levels, such as, Advocacy, Legislative, Compliance, Education, Networking opportunities, all the while having Fun!!

I’m looking forward to working together and growing our local Chapter – SAHU

Carmen Perea

SAHU President 2021-2022